Dear students!
29.01.2021 г.

Due to the Order №136-p of Government of the Russian Federation the air travel between Russia and India has been restarted. Therefore, the students with valid visas can return to Russia and continue their full-time studies at the university. The Migration Department of the Tver Region has begun issuing invitations for the students with expired visas.

In the spring term of the 2020/2021 academic year, the university will offer classes in both full-time and distance formats. The

same mode has been within the autumn term. The summer examination session will take place in both full-time and distance formats. Consequently, the students who are located in Tver will study on a full-time basis, and the students who are located abroad will continue to study in a distance format.

Taking into account the current difficult epidemiological situation in the world and the risks of infection and spread of coronavirus infection during travel, you may yourself decide on your return to Tver. The University does not set specific dates for your return.

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on the territory of Russia in accordance with the Recommendations on prevention of COVID-19 in the higher educational institutions and due to the Order of Acting Chancellor of the Tver State Medical University, the foreign students arriving from abroad will be admitted to classes only after the 14-days isolation and after the negative PCR test for coronavirus.

WE ASK YOU TO INFORM US BEFOREHAND ABOUT THE DATE OF YOUR RETURN TO TVER in order to direct you to temporary accommodation and 14-days isolation in separate building.

The sampling of PCR tests will be organized by a special medical team in the quarantine rooms (in the place of your isolation). The cost of PCR test is 1500 Rub. Payment for temporary accommodation in quarantine and food during isolation will be comparable to the usual living in Tver.

We kindly ask you to inform your group leader about your arrival date.

Please, send message stating your full name, group number, faculty and the date of your arrival to the e-mail address of the Department for Foreign Students:

Attention! The students who stay home abroad will continue their studies in a distance format until the summer examination session in June, which will be held in a distance format also.


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