09.02.2010 г.

Dear colleagues

Last year the Tver State Medical Academy took part in the European survey “Teaching of cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation in European medical schools 2009” organized and conducted by the European Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation. This was the first report of the kind in Europe, and a second survey will be conducted in 2011. Please find here the final report of the survey 2009 provided to us by the EACPR and Dr. Pedro Marques-Vidal.

Download REPORT

05.02.2010 г.


02.02.2010 г.

Dear Colleagues! 

This year is highlighted by a remarkable event - celebration of 200th anniversary birthday of one of the first Russian nurses Ekaterina Mikhailovna Bakunina. Her name is inseparably linked with both history of the Tver land and the history of foundation and development of Russian medicine. 

In the context of the celebrations the Tver State Medical Academy and the Tver Nursing School together with the Society of Orthodox Doctors will held a conference devoted to the life and work of this outstanding Russian woman. The conference will be attended by members of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences Y.L. Shevchenko, A.G. Chuchalin, S.I. Vorobiev, and President of the Society of Orthodox Doctors A.V. Nedostup.  

The Organizing Committee invites you to take an active part in the conference that will be held in the frame of the celebrations of Days of Slavic Culture on May 24, 2010 in the premises of the Tver State Medical Academy.


30.12.2009 г.



With Compliments,

Sri Lankan Students Association

16.12.2009 г.

45 students of the MASHAV course on “Management Policy and Leadership in Nursing” who have successfully completed all its demands were awarded with Russian-Israeli certificates on Friday, December 11.

Successful completion of International MASHAV Course on “Management Policy and Leadership in Nursing” in TSMA

Classes of the course were conducted by representatives of the Ministry of Health of Israel Ms Ella Koren, RN, MSEd, PhD and Ms Liora Vesterman RN, MPA.

30.10.2009 г.

Graduation ceremony of the TSMA - Bicon Dental Impalnts intensive course was held on October 28, 2009 in the conference hall of the Tver State Medical Academy.

Director of the Bicon centre Dr. Vincent Morgan arrived from Boston, MA to greet the graduates personally and to present them with international Russian – American certificates.

The course is based on methods of distant-learning technologies and is the joint effort of trainers from Russia and the US.

14.10.2009 г.

According to the World Bank evaluation of the Russian system of health care (“Russia Health Policy”, 2007, The World Bank) role of nurses and nursing in the health care system is underestimated, misunderstood and thus should be reviewed. In addition, nurses, particularly, chief nurses have lack of knowledge in the field of public health, including modern principles of medical management and organizational theory of health care. It is widely recognized that changes and reforms in health services of countries in the transition period require medical staff in general, and nurses in particular, to be familiar with the health policy of the system in which they work and to use advanced methods of management. During the program, students will acquire theoretical know-how and management skills with an emphasis on leadership development.

The course will be held at Tver State Medical Academy. It will start at 9 am on Monday, November 30, 2009 and end at 3 pm on Friday, December 11, 2009.

13.10.2009 г.

Meeting of the Rector with
International StudentsTraditional meeting of the Rector with international students of the Tver State Medical Academy was held on October, 7 in the main hall of the TSMA.

The Rector raised many issues, including regulations of living in student’s dorms and fire safety.

Rector Kalinkin pointed out that every student of the Tver State Medical Academy has legal right to make appointment with him, the office hours are: Monday 3pm-6pm, Wednesday 3pm-6pm.

29.09.2009 г.

Dear students of the Tver State Medical Academy!

We invite you to participate in the Donor Day, which will be held on 29 and 30 September 2009. 

Meeting of all registered participants will be conducted on September 29 in the hall of the new theoretical building of the Tver Medical Academy also known as “Sheremetyevo”. 

For more information please contact us by


phone: 346641 or

visit office number 107.


09.09.2009 г.

The DiagnosisPro is a modern clinical reminder database published by Medtech (USA) and is now available online. This diagnosis and clinical support tool is offered free to any and all individual medical professionals including students, PA’s , and Nurses. It is easily reachable at

New versions in French, Arabic, and Chinese are now available online.

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