Congratulations of the Rector in Connection with the 75th Anniversary of TverSMA
08.12.2011 г.

Dear friends!

Our Academy is celebrating the 75th anniversary. We have rich history. The annals of TverSMA have brilliant names of the founders of the Leningrad dental community, its students and followers, who had become the professionals establishing the research directions of the Kalinin Medical Institute. Our Alma mater is the successor to the traditions and the higher education system of St. Petersburg – nowadays we successfully meet its original high requirements for intellectual and ethical standards of medical profession.

It is impossible to overemphasize the role of Leningrad Dental Institute in the history of Leningrad health care: training of dental doctors of various profiles, establishment of scientific and research facilities of the highest level, professionalism of its faculty, graduates and students during the Great Patriotic War including the time of the siege of Leningrad, revival of medical science, practice and education in devastated postwar Leningrad. In 1954 they left their beautiful home city for Kalinin to establish a new medical school.

Remembering the history of our academy we give our tribute to dedication of people who made the foundation for complicated processes of diverse activities of the higher education institution in the new location. Following the legacy of our teachers we define our tasks in not only spreading the knowledge and teaching the profession, but also to bring a sense of compassion, selfless service, and encourage the new generation to participate actively in revival of Russian greatness.

Today Tver State Medical Academy is a modern institution of higher education with high ranking among universities of Russia and overseas universities. It is also the famous academic schools, outstanding names of tutors and scientist, doctors. Our graduates work in dozens of Russian cities and abroad. Feedbacks with gratitude for their work that the academy receives demonstrate its great scientific and applied potential. Recently Tver State Medical Academy has been included to the Golden Book of St. Petersburg.

Contemporary realities of Russia’s development determine the great diversity of innovative programs that TverSMA is involved with. Considering traditions and continuity in all fields of the academy work, TverSMA is focused on promotion of cutting-edge research, improvements in teaching, development of infrastructure, comfortable working conditions and team spirit, dignity and confidence in future of employees.

I warmly congratulate our academic and administrative staff, students with the holiday! I express my deepest and hearty gratitude to our dear veterans: those who walked the roads of the Great Patriotic War, and those who have devoted most of his life to Tver State Medical Academy. I want to congratulate all graduates of TverSMA that bring glory to our institution in many parts of Russia and abroad.

I would like to wish prosperity, new achievements and prospects for our Alma mater, health and long productive years of life to our veterans and graduates, to the team of TverSMA – well-being, creative successes, and brave achievements. Let your life be filled with warmth and happiness!

Rector of TverSMA

Professor Mikhail N. Kalinkin

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