MASHAV International Course on “Management Policy and Leadership in Nursing” at TverSMA
02.12.2010 г.

A 10-day Russian-Israeli workshop on “Management Policy and Leadership in Nursing” has taken place at the Tver State Medical Academy aiming at students of the Faculty of Advanced Nursing Education of the Tver State Medical Academy. The students have had an opportunity to discuss with the visiting lectures from the Ministry of Health of the State of Israel Ms Ella Koren, RN, MSEd, PhD and Ms Hanna Tsofnat RN, MPA a broad variety of topics related to modern nursing practice, such as:

  • health promotion

  • critical thinking

  • ethical thinking

  • role of a nurse in a health care system

  • evidence-based nursing

  • management of conflicts

  • methods of teaching and communication

The lectures
have also explained the Israeli health care model to the audience and
have shared their personal practice experience. The workshop was mainly
built on intensive communication processes between the teachers and
their students, group presentations, open discussions, tests, and role
play simulations.

As an important part of the workshop the lectures and students took part in the conference “Medico-Social Aspects of Prevention and Development of Healthy Life Style” held at the Tver State Medical Academy on November 22 where Ella Koren and Hanna Tsofnat presented the audience with two reports.

The workshop has been joined by 50 participants from Tver, the Tver oblast, Moscow, the Moscow oblast and the Tula oblast. The feedback and evaluation of the students afterwards revealed that the participants appreciated the course as a unique training session with a lot of professional discoveries and motivations, and a valuable set of practical tools for everyday nursing practice. 

December11, 2009: Successful completion of International MASHAV Course on “ManagementPolicy and Leadership in Nursing”




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