Qawwali at Tver State Medical Academy
29.10.2010 г.

Qawwali concert by the “Sabri Brothers” took place at Tver State Medical Academy on October 23, 2010. 

Qawwali is a form of Sufi devotional music popular in South Asia, particularly in areas with a historically strong Muslim presence, such as Pakistan, especially Punjab and Sindh, and parts of North India. It is a musical tradition that stretches back more than 700 years. The roots of Qawwali can be traced back to 8th century Persia. During the first major migration from Persia, in the 11th century, the musical tradition of Sema migrated to South Asia, Turkey and Uzbekistan. Amir Khusro Dehelvi of the Chisti order of Sufis is credited with fusing the Persian and Indian musical traditions to create Qawwali as we know it today in the late 13th century in India. The word Sama is often still used in Central Asia and Turkey to refer to forms very similar to Qawwali. The poetry of Qawwali is implicitly understood to be spiritual in its meaning, even though the lyrics can sometimes sound wildly secular, or outright hedonistic. Qawwalis tend to begin gently and build steadily to a very high energy level in order to induce hypnotic states both among the musicians and within the audience.



The concert was conducted with support of the Embassy of India in Moscow, the Indian Council for Cultural Relations and NGO “Disha”. 





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