Great Maslenitsa!
27.02.2023 г.

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From February 20 to February 26, 2023, in accordance with the plans of the educational work of the TSMU, the educational work of the Department of the Russian Language and the International Friendship Club, the teachers prepared and conducted a number of linguistic and cultural events for students under the general name «Great Maslenitsa!» Thanks to participation in events dedicated to the celebration of Maslenitsa, foreign students got acquainted with the history and culture of one of the most ancient Russian holidays: its symbols, entertainment, games, features of Russian national cuisine, expanded their vocabulary. Foreign students watched fragments of the best Russian films and musical works related to Maslenitsa. Then a linguistic competition took place, during which students performed tasks related to the topic of the presentation. At the end of the event, students tasted delicious pancakes.

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Our students traditionally say goodbye to the winter with Maslenitsa festivities on «Forgiveness Sunday» in the Proletarsky district of Tver and in the City Garden, where they led round dances with the tutors from the Russian language department, participated in competitions, treated themselves to dishes of Russian national cuisine and immersed themselves in the atmosphere of the Russian holiday. Linguistic and cultural events contribute to the socio-cultural adaptation of students, the formation of their general cultural competencies, as well as the education of tolerance in interethnic relations, respect for the culture of the country of the language being studied.

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