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On January 17, the InterClub of the Tver State Medical University hosted the third meeting of the Conversation Club on the topic "Doctor is my profession. Conversations about the medical specialty."

Students from Russia, Uzbekistan, India, Yemen, Syria talked with doctors, representatives of the Council of Veterans of Medical Workers in Tver, about choosing a medical specialty, about teachers - mentors, about the most difficult thing that experienced doctors had to face during their work.

Pediatrician Tatyana Yuryevna Moreva spoke about her professional path in medicine, choosing the specialty "pediatrician" and why pediatrics is a complex and very interesting profession. Tatyana Yurievna also shared the secrets of working with young patients and the principles of behavior with patients.

The professional career of an infectious disease specialist Olga Nikolaevna Marasanova is connected with the family dynasty of doctors: her grandfather, father, husband, and son all devoted their lives to medical practice. According to Olga Nikolaevna, the decisive factor for making the correct diagnosis and prescribing the correct treatment is a conversation with the patient and a thorough examination of the patient, a step-by-step collection of anamnesis.

Summarizing the above, both doctors drew the attention of the audience to the most important thing for the medical profession:

  • you need to learn everything from experienced doctors;

  • it is necessary to master medicine as an art, to constantly improve yourself;

  • a doctor is an artist, he must come out of any situation with honor;

  • it is important to treat the patient humanly, because "that doctor is bad, after whose visit the patient did not feel better";

  • the doctor should not be impatient, irritable: "medicine is first of all love for a human, otherwise it is worth nothing".

The formation of the patient's trust in the doctor and the presence of faith, where the example for the doctor should be the life and work of Saints Cosmas and Damian, the surgeon Luke of Crimea.

At the end of the meeting, the students asked the guests questions about how to deal with the fear that arises in a doctor; what is missing in modern medicine; what books and textbooks are worth reading.

 The next meeting of the Conversation Club will take place on March 21 at 16:00. Topic: "National hero - who is he? Conversations about the national character."

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