26.09.2022 г.


The International Friendship Club of Tver State Medical University continues to acquaint students with the history and sights of the city of Tver. On September 26, 2022, teachers of the Department of Russian Language organized and conducted an excursion for first–year foreign students to the Tver Regional Universal Scientific Library named after A.M. Gorky - the oldest library in our city.

The students from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Gabon, Ghana, Nigeria learned that the main library of the region was opened back in 1860, and since 1918 it has become mass, accessible to everyone, free of charge. They heard unique information about the creation of a collection of books, about rare copies that are the pride of Tver librarians. They were also surprised by the history of the library building itself, built on the site of the destroyed Orthodox Church. Ismatova Munisabonu, a student of the 118 group of the Faculty of Medicine, philosophically noted that the religious temple gave rise to the temple of science and culture.

Nowadays, the Gorky Library is an information center that provides users with information search services on paper and electronic media, giving a unique opportunity to get acquainted with rare and ancient publications, including medical ones. The students were particularly interested in the information about the possibility of using the digital catalog of the library from home and the unique opportunity to order books from the Russian State Library (Moscow), one of the largest libraries in the world.

The staff of the Gorky Library introduced several departments located on four floors to the students: they looked into the reading room, the art hall, the music department, the technical literature department, the rare publications department and stayed for a long time in the foreign literature department, where works in Uzbek, Tajik and English attracted their attention. The students were also interested in the exhibitions organized by the staff of “Gorkovka”.

The interior of the library impressed the students: a wide grand staircase covered with a red carpet, massive columns of the entrance group. "There is such a solemn atmosphere here!" - Juraev Abdugani, a student of group 123 of the medical faculty, shared his impression.

The result of the excursion was the sincere desire of students to become readers of this library. In the near future, all of them will receive their first reader's tickets of the Tver Regional Universal Scientific Library named after A.M. Gorky.



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