The International Friendship Club introduces foreign students to the history of the Tver Region
01.01.1970 г.

Associate Professor A.T. Aksenova and Sri Lankan 4th year students at the foot of the Memorial Complex (Rzhev).jpg

Russian language teachers organized and conducted a bus tour to the ancient Russian city of Staritsa and the City of Military Glory Rzhev for foreign students of 1-4 courses on May 12, 2022, as part of the work of the International Friendship Club of Tver State Medical University with the support of the Vice-Rector for International Affairs R.N. Chirkov, Head of the Center for International Education A.G. Ivanov. 54 students took part in the event, the purpose of which is to foster tolerance in interethnic relations, respect for the culture of the country of the language being studied.

During the tour, the children got acquainted with significant places of Tver land, learned many interesting and important facts related to the history and culture of our region.

First, the students went to Rzhev, where, after a tour of the city, they visited a branch of the Victory Museum - a memorial complex in memory of all the soldiers of the Great Patriotic War, erected on the site of the bloody battles near Rzhev in 1942-1943. During the tour, the children heard a story about one of the most terrible pages of the Great Patriotic War, and also visited the museum a pavilion with a multimedia exposition, where they looked at documentary photographs, got acquainted with front–line letters and memoirs of soldiers participating in battles.

Sri Lankan 4th year student Malavara Upeksha talks about her impressions like this: "I have already seen a monument to a Soviet soldier during a festive event at the university, but in reality it is even more grandiose and majestic. I especially liked the birds that hold the statue of a soldier in the air. They are very symbolic." Sandipa Himire, a 2nd year student from Nepal, notes: "I was amazed by the number of names of Soviet soldiers on the walls of the memorial. There are so many of them that you can't even read them all. And all these people died fighting for their land. It's very impressive."

The tour of Staritsa introduced foreign students not only to the history of this beautiful city, but also to ancient Russian architecture. The central event was a visit to the Assumption Monastery, which is a whole complex of buildings dating back to the XVI century: cathedral, churches, font, tomb, chapel, mausoleum. It is impossible not to note the beautiful view opening from the walls of the monastery to the banks of the Volga River with ancient buildings located on them. Foreign students were keenly interested in what they saw and asked a lot of questions. The students were particularly impressed by the decoration of the Trinity Cathedral. Indian 4th year student Gautam Kumar expressed his impressions as follows: "I really like it here, I feel calm and well at home!"

The informative excursion program aroused great interest among foreign students, the desire to continue to get acquainted with the history and culture of Russia.

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