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We live on a planet inhabited by different peoples. Each of them has its own traditions, customs, and its own history. There are many of us, we differ from each other in appearance, views, interests, but we all should live in peace and harmony. After all, we breathe the same air; we walk on the same ground. Russia is a huge state; more than 143 million people representing more than 160 nationalities live here. That is why we feel the concept of people’s friendship as a comprehensive fraternal cooperation and mutual assistance of peoples and nations, which is one of the driving forces of the development of society.

Tver State Medical University, where students from all over the world study, successfully participating in international cooperation, contributes to the development of friendly relations between countries and peoples. As part of this work, the Vice-Rector for International Affairs of TSMU Roman Nikolaevich Chirkov initiated the opening of an International Friendship Club. The Rector of Tver State Medical University, Professor Lesya Vasilyevna Chichanovskaya, supported his suggestion.

The authors of the project set up the following goals:

- promoting the formation of tolerant relations among young people, prevention of extremism and terrorism, perception of the world as a positive process;

- fostering the culture of interethnic communication among young people;

- development of friendly relations between young people of different countries;

- creating conditions for strengthening interethnic harmony;

- activation of cultural, scientific and social aspects of international interaction;

- providing adaptive, informational and social support to foreign students studying at TSMU.

The organization of the International Friendship Club will be carried out at the Department of Russian Language, which for 60 years has been conducting versatile and multifaceted educational work with foreign students. Students and university staff can become members of the TSMU Interclub by contacting the Department of Russian Language ( ).

We wish the International Friendship Club success in the implementation of its tasks and interesting projects!

Work plan International Friendship Club of the Tver State Medical University of the Ministry of Health of Russia (TSMU InterClub) April 2022 – September 2022

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