19.04.2021 г.

In April 2021, the Tver State Medical University and the Samarkand State Medical Institute (Samarkand, Uzbekistan) concluded a cooperation agreement. The subject of the agreement is mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of education and research.

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Main building of Samarkand State Medical Institute


Samarkand State Medical Institute (SamGMI) is the oldest medical university in Central Asia. The institute is located in the city of Samarkand - an ancient cultural and scientific center.

SamGMI was founded in 1930 by Decree of the Council of People's Commissars of Uzbekistan No. 80 of 7.05.1930. Over the years of the institute's activity, over 40000 certified specialists have been trained. Since 2020, the institute has been led by rector, doctor of medical sciences, professor Rizaev Zhasur Alimdzhanovich.

At SamGMI, 712 scientists and teachers conduct scientific and pedagogical activities. They include 58 professors, 65 doctors of sciences, 177 candidates of sciences, 152 associate professors. Training is provided at nine faculties.

Medical work is carried out on the basis of two large clinics.

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Clinics of Samarkand State Medical Institute

The first clinic of SamGMI is a large multidisciplinary modern medical and diagnostic center. The clinic annually provides highly qualified specialized assistance to 19,000 inpatients, more than 100,000 outpatients, takes 3000-3,500 births, conducts a wide range of radioradiological, ultrasound, endoscopic and functional research methods, and carries out more than 6,000 surgical interventions to patients from the regions of Uzbekistan and citizens of neighboring republics.

The second clinic of SamGMI is a specialized multidisciplinary, research clinical institution providing highly qualified round-the-clock assistance to children of the regions of Uzbekistan. At the same time, this institution is a leading methodological center in a number of important areas of surgery of childhood. Every year, about 21,000 patients go to the clinic, of which more than 10,000 are hospitalized, more than 8,000 of the most difficult plastic and reconstructive operations are performed on the heart, lungs, liver, intestine, genitourinary system and musculoskeletal system. The latest high-tech methods of treatment have been introduced into the practice of pediatric surgery.

SamGMI publishes a number of scientific peer-reviewed periodicals: "Journal of Biomedicine and Practice," "Journal of Problems of Biology and Medicine," "Journal of Doctor's Bulletin," "Journal of Cardiorespiratory Research," "Journal of Gepato-Gastroenterological Research," "Journal of Reproductive Health and Ur-Ne-Nephrological Research,"

Two scientific councils operate on the basis of SamGMI. Scientific Council PhD 04/ 30.12.2019.Tib.102.01 for the defense of dissertations for the degree (PhD) of Doctor of Philosophy in medical sciences conducts the defense of dissertations for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in medical sciences (PhD) in the specialties 14.00.05 - internal diseases, 14.00.09 - pediatrics, 14.00.35 - pediatric surgery; 13.00.02 - theory and methodology of education and education (in the medical sciences). The scientific council of DSc 04/05.06.2020.Tib.102.02 on protection of theses for a degree (PhD) of the doctor of philosophy on medical sciences and an academic degree of the doctor of science (DSc) - accepts protection of theses for a degree of the doctor of philosophy on medical sciences (PhD) and doctors of science (DSc) on specialties 14.00.04 - Otorhinolaryngology and 14.00.21 - Stomatology.

We hope that the implementation of the cooperation agreement will contribute to the strengthening of international relations, the development of scientific and practical activities of two higher educational institutions.


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