24.10.2012 г.

Congratulations from Deputy Minister of Higher Education of Sri Lanka on the 50th Anniversary of Training of International Students.


08.10.2012 г.

The first surgical Summer School jointly organized and carried out by the University of Saarland and Tver State Medical Academy took place in Homburg, Germany from September 16 to September 23, 2012. The University of Saarland and Tver State Medical Academy are partners since 1995, in May 2012 the cooperation agreement was extended.

During the practical classes and lectures that were conducted in English 10 students of TverSMA together with their 10 German counterparts had remarkable opportunity to master the modern techniques of surgery, anesthesiology and intensive care.

The sessions of the Summer School took place at the surgery rooms, simulation classes, surgical wards and intensive care units; high definition video records of operations and surgical procedures as well as clinical cases were studied and analyzed by the students and their teachers. The participants of the School were acquainted with the modern suture techniques, fixation, arthroscopy of shoulder and knee joints, abdominal sonography, methods of artificial respiration and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

13.06.2012 г.

On May 26 - 28, 2012 Deputy Minister of Higher Education of Sri Lanka Nandimitra Ekanayake made 3 days visit to Tver State Medical Academy. During the visit he was accompanied by Dr. Amarakoon Lasantha, graduate of Tver State Medical Academy and currently director of the Russian Educational Center in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The intensive professional program included meetings of Mr. Nandimitra Ekanayake with the Rector of Tver State Medical Academy Prof. Mikhail N. Kalinkin and administration of the Academy, leading professors and tutors, visits to classes with participation of Sri Lankan students, general meeting with 119 students from Sri Lanka studying at Tver State Medical Academy, familiarization with the Academy’s teaching, research and social infrastructure available for students, including the hostels and teaching clinics.

For many years Tver State Medical Academy has been the leading destination for young citizens of Sri Lanka wishing to study medicine in Russia and countries of the Eastern Europe. The meeting of the students with the Deputy Minister was a unique opportunity for direct communication and discussion of a broad range of issues related to the academic studies and student’s life in Tver. Representing opinion of the student’s community Mr. Vayendara Manoj of the 6th year, Faculty of General Medicine, shared his experience at TverSMA and conveyed gratitude of the students to the Academy, the Government of Sri Lanka, and the Russian Educational Center.

05.06.2012 г.

International workshop for young scientists on "Methodology of planning and conduction of scientific research by young scientist” took place at Tver State Medical Academy on May 25, 2012. The workshop was held by Prof. W. Specht, University of Saarland (Germany), Honorable Professor of Tver State Medical Academy.

The working languages of the workshop used by the speakers, presenters and the audience were German, Russian and English.

Participants of the workshop, including Russian and international students of all levels of educations and academic staff of the academy, methodologically evaluated two research designs presented by students of TverSMA on the topics of the effects of genetic polymorphism on expression of micro-RNA in atherogenesis,  anatomical variety of structure of kidneys.

The workshop was conducted in the frame of the cooperation agreement of Tver State Medical Academy and University of Saarland.

01.06.2012 г.

The delegation of Tver State Medical Academy consisting of the Rector Prof. M. N. Kalinkin and the Vice-Rector for Information Technologies, Licensing and Accreditation Mr. N. I. Dusko visited the University of Saarland (Germany) on May 14-19, 2012.

During the visit the Rector of Tver State Medical Academy Prof. M. N. Kalinkin and the President of the University of Saarland Prof. B. Linneveber signed a cooperation agreement that will provide new significant opportunities for educational, scientific and cultural collaboration of Tver State Medical Academy and University of Saarland. The new agreement is based on the previous agreement between the academy and the university signed in March 1995.

Addressing the academic staff of the University of Saarland at his presentation, Prof. M.N. Kalinkin conducted evaluation of the results of the long-term inter-institutional cooperation and offered his vision on directions for further joint activities. The delegation of Tver State Medical Academy also visited the university clinics and institutes of neurology, ophthalmology, pediatrics, genetics, dentistry, experimental medicine, and the Medical Assembly of Saarland.

During the visit the Russian and German counterparts agreed to launch a new project – annual joint Summer Schools for Russian and German students at the University of Saarland and Tver State Medical Academy.

24.05.2012 г.

The Russian Education Fair-2012 was opened on May 17, 2012 at the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in New Delhi, India. Opening the Exhibition, Mr. F.A. Rozovskiy, Director of the Russian Centre of Science and Culture, noted that this annual event provides a perfect opportunity for Indian students to pursue their higher studies in different faculties of various universities of Russia, and enables the peoples of both countries to come closer with stronger relations.

It is estimated that almost 80 percent of Indian students come for medical studies to Russia. Over 800 of them are presently undergoing medical courses at Tver State Medical Academy. Dr. Sayed Kamruzzaman, Deputy Dean of International Faculty of Medical Education of Tver State Medical Academy, observed that Russian universities offer educational services and forms that allow them to be competitive in India: for instance, Tver State Medical Academy annually invites Indian professors to assist senior students in their preparations for the Medical Council of India screening test which is mandatory for graduates of all foreign medical universities, currently 97 percent of Indian graduates of Tver State Medical Academy pass the screening test at their first attempt.

The Exhibition will take place in all the major Indian cities.

02.05.2012 г.

To celebrate the 65th anniversary of Russian-Indian diplomatic relations Tver State Medical Academy, Embassy of India in Moscow and Indian students of Tver State Medical Academy organized the annual festival of the Indian culture Rangoli-2012 on April 20, 2012 in the premises of TverSMA.

The event was attended by 500 guests, including Governor of the Tver Region Mr. A.V. Shevelev, Ambassador of India to Russia H.E. Mr. Ajai Malhotra and Rector of Tver State Medical Academy Prof. M.N. Kalinkin, and many other reputed persons who contribute to development of Russian-Indian educational and cultural ties.

First medical students from India arrived to Tver 50 years ago. Since that time Tver State Medical Academy has become the university of first choice for young Indians who wish to study medicine in Russia. At present TverSMA has the maximum number of Indian students among all universities of the Russian Federation.

The Rector of Tver State Medical Academy Prof. M.N. Kalinkin and the Ambassador of India to Russia H.E. Mr. Ajai Malhotra had a fruitful professional meeting before beginning of the cultural program. Cooperation in the fields of science, education and culture was discussed during the meeting with participation of the representatives of the academy administration and members of the Indian delegation.

08.12.2011 г.

Dear friends!

Our Academy is celebrating the 75th anniversary. We have rich history. The annals of TverSMA have brilliant names of the founders of the Leningrad dental community, its students and followers, who had become the professionals establishing the research directions of the Kalinin Medical Institute. Our Alma mater is the successor to the traditions and the higher education system of St. Petersburg – nowadays we successfully meet its original high requirements for intellectual and ethical standards of medical profession.

It is impossible to overemphasize the role of Leningrad Dental Institute in the history of Leningrad health care: training of dental doctors of various profiles, establishment of scientific and research facilities of the highest level, professionalism of its faculty, graduates and students during the Great Patriotic War including the time of the siege of Leningrad, revival of medical science, practice and education in devastated postwar Leningrad. In 1954 they left their beautiful home city for Kalinin to establish a new medical school.

Remembering the history of our academy we give our tribute to dedication of people who made the foundation for complicated processes of diverse activities of the higher education institution in the new location. Following the legacy of our teachers we define our tasks in not only spreading the knowledge and teaching the profession, but also to bring a sense of compassion, selfless service, and encourage the new generation to participate actively in revival of Russian greatness.

Today Tver State Medical Academy is a modern institution of higher education with high ranking among universities of Russia and overseas universities. It is also the famous academic schools, outstanding names of tutors and scientist, doctors. Our graduates work in dozens of Russian cities and abroad. Feedbacks with gratitude for their work that the academy receives demonstrate its great scientific and applied potential. Recently Tver State Medical Academy has been included to the Golden Book of St. Petersburg.

Contemporary realities of Russia’s development determine the great diversity of innovative programs that TverSMA is involved with. Considering traditions and continuity in all fields of the academy work, TverSMA is focused on promotion of cutting-edge research, improvements in teaching, development of infrastructure, comfortable working conditions and team spirit, dignity and confidence in future of employees.

I warmly congratulate our academic and administrative staff, students with the holiday! I express my deepest and hearty gratitude to our dear veterans: those who walked the roads of the Great Patriotic War, and those who have devoted most of his life to Tver State Medical Academy. I want to congratulate all graduates of TverSMA that bring glory to our institution in many parts of Russia and abroad.

I would like to wish prosperity, new achievements and prospects for our Alma mater, health and long productive years of life to our veterans and graduates, to the team of TverSMA – well-being, creative successes, and brave achievements. Let your life be filled with warmth and happiness!

Rector of TverSMA

Professor Mikhail N. Kalinkin

28.10.2011 г.

In October 2011, University of Saarland (Germany) hosted a delegation of Tver State Medical Academy, introducing its members, through clinical rounds and workshops, research experiments, participation in surgical operations and examination of patients to practical life of our partner university. Ophthalmic surgeons of TverSMA participated in keratoplasty surgery with the use of the femtosecond lasers based on the latest innovations in nanotechnology, together with their German counterparts they also discussed development of the corneal eye bank in Tver.

In addition to that, representatives of fundamental departments of our collaborating institutions highlighted priorities and challenges in development of joint research projects in human genetics and medical biology.

10.10.2011 г.

Tver State Medical Academy and University of Saarland (Germany) jointly conducted international workshop on “Nanotechnology in Dental Medicine” on October 3-4, 2011 at Tver State Medical Academy.

The Europe's leading specialist in the field of nanotechnology in dental medicine, Vice-President of the University of Saarland Prof. Dr. Matthias Hanning opened the workshop with presentation on nanomaterial in preventive dentistry. His colleague from the University of Saarland Assistant Professor Dr. Stefan Rupf spoke about the use of modern nanoadhezive systems and composite nanomaterial in clinical practice and studies of dental plaque at molecular level. The second day of the workshop included master class in the premises of the dental clinic of TverSMA.

The workshop was broadcasted to Moscow and Torzhok allowing specialists of these cities to participate actively in its work.


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