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14.11.2023 г.

Dear teachers, staff members and students!

We invite you to the national evening "Diwali – the festival of lights!" dedicated to one of the brightest and most joyful Indian holidays. Diwali is the victory of truth over falsehood, good and light over evil and darkness. Thanks to the life-giving fire, a person receives spiritual power and becomes enlightened, entering a new life.
The National evening will take place on 15.11.2023 in the assembly hall of the University.
In the program of the event: 
14.00 – 14.45 – National Lounge "Namaste, India!" (foyer of the assembly hall);
15.00 – 17.00 – Concert "Diwali – festival of lights!". 

Tver State Medical University International Friendship Club
 Department of Educational Work of Tver State Medical University

07.07.2023 г.


On June 30, 2023, a solemn graduation of students of the preparatory department for foreign citizens took place at the Tver State Medical University. 28 graduates from far and near abroad from Gabon, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Turkey, Sudan, Germany, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan became holders of certificates of completion of the preparatory department. During the academic year, under the guidance of experienced teachers, students studied the Russian language, chemistry, biology, physics, got acquainted with the history and culture of Russia.

With warm congratulations and wishes of success in further studies, the graduates of the preparatory department were addressed by the head of the preparatory department, head of the Russian language department A.A. Kuznetsova, head of the department for work with foreign students D.A. Gavrilenko.

Kind words to graduates were heard from the professor of the Chemistry Department N.P. Lopina, Associate Professor of the Chemistry Department A.E. Sobolev, Associate Professor of the Biology Department I.V. Struchkova, senior lecturer of the Biology Department N.V. Isakova.

From the graduates of the preparatory department, response words of gratitude were addressed to the leadership and teaching staff of the Tver State Medical University. We wish all our dear graduates of the preparatory department strength, energy, determination and successful admission to the faculties of Tver State Medical University!

22.05.2023 г.


On May 17, 2023, as part of the work of the International Friendship Club of the Tver State Medical University with the support of Vice-Rector for International Affairs R.N. Chirkov, vice-rector for educational work and youth policy S.A. Sokolov, Department for Work with Foreign Students, the Department of Russian Language organized a bus tour to the City of Military Glory Rzhev and the ancient Russian city of Staritsa for members of the International Friendship Club, who actively participate in the social and cultural life of our university. 45 foreign students took part in the event, the purpose of which is to foster tolerance in interethnic relations, respect for the history and culture of the country of the language being studied - Russia. The tour was conducted by an experienced guide - a military historian and archaeologist.

17.05.2023 г.


On May 12-14, a field training seminar «Information and spiritual security of modern youth» was held in the Pokrovskoye Recreation Center in the village of Pokrovskoye, Odintsovo district, Moscow region, where the Interclub of Tver State Medical University took part.

The organizers are the All-Russian Movement for Promoting Friendship and Harmony among Young People «All-Russian Interethnic Youth Union», the International Islamic Mission Center, the Scientific, Methodological and Project Center for Strengthening Interethnic Friendship and Citizenship of the State University of Management under the Coordinating Council of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia with the support of the Department of National Policy and Interregional Relations of the City of Moscow.

The main goal of the program is to teach the skills of critical thinking and emotional intelligence, to counteract the manipulation of consciousness, to popularize traditional spiritual and moral values.

02.05.2023 г.


On April 28, 2023, a cultural event dedicated to the 78th anniversary of the victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War was held in the conference hall of the Tver State Medical University. The literary and musical composition "Victory Day: Immortality of the Great Feat" was prepared and presented by the members of the International Friendship Club with the support of the Department for work with foreign students, the Department for educational work and teachers of the Russian language department.

28.04.2023 г.

Главная визит посла Бенина.JPG

On April 27, Tver State Medical University was visited by His Excellency Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Benin Mr. Akambi Andre Okunlola Biau as part of the delegation of the Embassy of the Republic of Benin, which also included the Administrative Secretary of the Embassy Mr. Leopold Jean Victorien Grimaud and the politician of the Tver region Mr. Jean Gregoire Sagbo. The meeting was attended by Vice-Rector for International Affairs Roman Nikolayevich Chirkov, Vice-Rector for the Implementation of National Projects and Regional Health Development Alla Valentinovna Solovyova, Vice-Rector for Educational Work and Youth Policy Sergey Aleksandrovich Sokolov, as well as a second-year student of the Faculty of Pharmacy Gbenagnon Unton Aniset Sedo Pedro. Representatives of the delegation of the Embassy and representatives of the Rectorate of the Tver State Medical University discussed the possibilities of cooperation between the Tver State Medical University and the University of Benin, the issues of training highly qualified medical personnel and the exchange of teaching experience in the field of medical education. Mr. Ambassador highly appreciated the level of training of students of the Tver State Medical University and noted that this meeting would be the starting point for mutually beneficial cooperation.


14.04.2023 г.


Dear Sri Lankan friends! Dear Sri Lankan students!

Please accept our warmest congratulations on the National New Year - Aluth Avurudda!

This bright family holiday, giving people happiness and luck, dates back to an ancient period in the history of Sri Lanka, and, according to legend, on this day deity Indradevu descends to Earth in order to bring peace and harmony.

With all my heart I wish you good health and success in all your endeavors! Peace, love and prosperity to you and your families! Suba Aluth Avurudak Wewa! Happy New Year!

Rector of TSMU,
prof. L.V. Chichanovskaya

08.03.2023 г.


Dear Indian friends! Our dear Indian students!

Let me congratulate you on the wonderful national holiday Holi, which marks the coming of spring and the flowering of nature, symbolizes the banishment of evil and the rebirth of life!

Holi, the celebration of sunshine and bright colors, has a long tradition. Mention of it can be found in ancient Sanskrit texts. In the 21st century, Holi has gone beyond the borders of your country and is now celebrated not only in India, but all over the world. The traditions of this wonderful holiday are supported by colorful rituals. Indians decorate themselves with bright fresh flowers, and the roofs of houses with small lights and orange flags. And, of course, the feeling of a holiday is given by multi-colored fountains of colors flying into the air, cheerful music and joyful faces.

With all my heart I wish this magical colorful holiday to give you an atmosphere of happiness and kindness! Let your life be painted in bright and warm colors of joy, optimism, friendship and love!

Rector of TSMU,
Prof. L.V. Chichanovskaya

27.02.2023 г.

Масленица в ДК Пролетарка.jpg

From February 20 to February 26, 2023, in accordance with the plans of the educational work of the TSMU, the educational work of the Department of the Russian Language and the International Friendship Club, the teachers prepared and conducted a number of linguistic and cultural events for students under the general name «Great Maslenitsa!» Thanks to participation in events dedicated to the celebration of Maslenitsa, foreign students got acquainted with the history and culture of one of the most ancient Russian holidays: its symbols, entertainment, games, features of Russian national cuisine, expanded their vocabulary. Foreign students watched fragments of the best Russian films and musical works related to Maslenitsa. Then a linguistic competition took place, during which students performed tasks related to the topic of the presentation. At the end of the event, students tasted delicious pancakes.

15.02.2023 г.

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-12 at 18.45.59.jpeg

Winter in Russia is not only ice, cold wind, short days and long nights. Russian winter is a fun time of the year when you can play snowballs, build a snowman and, of course, go skiing or ice skating. This Sunday, February 12, the students of the preparatory department of the TSMU from Syria, Sudan, Ecuador and Iraq spent actively - at the sports ski base in Chupriyanovka, where they first skied, made an exciting journey through the fabulous winter forest, rode down the hill and made many beautiful photos. After that students warmed up with a cup of hot tea and shared their impressions of the event.

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