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Tver State Medical University awarded diplomas to its graduates. This year, more than 500 young specialists, including 149 foreign citizens, have left the walls of the educational institution for adulthood.

The solemn ceremony of awarding diplomas to young specialists was held in the large assembly hall of the Tver State Medical University. Dentists, pediatricians, pharmacists have sworn to always honorably fulfill their medical duty.

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"On behalf of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, today I cancongratulate you on one of the most important events in your life - graduation from university and obtaining a medical or pharmaceutical education. Another important step has been taken, another step on the way to the top of success and well-being has been overcome. You have chosen a difficult but noble profession - to serve people by providing medical care, honestly performing medical duty, constantly improving your professional skills, saving people's lives.
For everyone, the student years were different: a life lesson, a new discovery, or just another stage in achieving the desired goals. But one thing I can say with certainty that it was within the walls of the university that the filling of knowledge, skills, competencies and just life experience took place, which in the future will become the basis of successful work.
I would like everyone to remember the students with joy, and the teachers with gratitude. After all, they, giving you not only their knowledge, but also the warmth of their hearts, tried to make you better. Now, having fundamental knowledge, practical skills acquired at the university, a sense of responsibility for human lives, professional ambitions and leadership qualities, the ability to make decisions, to win – you have all become part of our family. We are all working for the benefit of the patient.
Dear graduates, tomorrow a new stage of your life path will come for you, when you will be able to realize your knowledge in practical healthcare, science or education. You start giving to people. The main thing is that each of you is already part of the glorious medical community today. I sincerely wish you happiness, prosperity and, of course, good health!"

Minister of Health of the Russian Federation
Mikhail Albertovich Murashko

25.06.2022 г.   

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I congratulate you on a significant event – graduation from Tver State Medical University!

Behind are the years of student life: interesting, fun, happy, full of discoveries and unforgettable meetings. I am sure that all of you will keep these unique moments in your soul for a long time.

Ahead is the time of achievements, it is time for independent, adult life. At the university, you received high-quality knowledge, developed creative abilities, and learned to defend your views and beliefs. This is your potential that will help you to cope with all the challenges of life and achieve great success.

I am sure that you will not stop there and continue your self-education. Medicine always requires more and more new knowledge and skills from the doctor. Study, work hard, and you will find your rightful place in life! You are doctors now, the pride of your country!

I wish you happiness, health, well-being and good luck!

MD, PhD, Doctor of Sciences, Professor, Chairman of the Academic Council of the University
Head of the Department of Neurology, Medical Rehabilitation and Neurosurgery
Lesya Vasilievna Chichanovskaya

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On June 9, 10 and 15, 2022, foreign students of the 1st year of Tver State Medical University had an excursion to the Museum of Tver Everyday Life. The expositions of this place clearly represent the urban culture of Russia of the XVIII–XIX centuries.

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The management of the International Innovation Club "Archimedes" invited representatives of the University to take part in the 64th International Fair of Technologies and Technical Achievements, which this year took place from May 24 to 27 in Belgrade. The oldest and most prestigious technology forum in Europe traditionally is held in the city's Expocenter and is marked with the badge of the World Association of Exhibition Events (UFI).

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иностранные студенты с преподавателем А. В. Некрасовой готовятся посетить Горьковскую библиотеку.jpg

Tver Regional Universal Scientific Library named after A.M. Gorky has gained new readers. They were foreign first-year students of Tver State Medical University from Sri Lanka, India and Iran, for whom the teachers-curators of the Department of Russian Language, with the support of the Center for International Education, organized an excursion to the main library of the Tver region.

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May 25 is Africa Day, African Freedom Day, annually dedicated to the anniversary of the founding of the Organization of African Unity, whose activities are dedicated to the ideals of peace, development and prosperity.

Russia and African countries have a rich history of relations, including the field of higher education. African students began to come to study at our universities back in the late 1950s, and after the creation of the Patrice Lumumba Peoples' Friendship University (now RUDN University) in 1960, their number grew every year.

The main specialties chosen by African students at Russian universities today are largely related to the medical field. And in 1962 (60 years ago!), Tver State Medical University was among the first in Russia to start educating students from African countries. Since then, it has become not just a tradition, but one of the priority areas of educational activity. We are proud of each of our graduates, and over the years, thousands of excellent medical, dental and pediatric doctors have left the Tver "alma mater".

Dear friends! We congratulate all our students and colleagues from Africa on this important holiday and wish them success in their studies and work, a peaceful sky over their heads, happiness, prosperity and all the best!


Rector, Professor of the Tver State Medical University
L.V. Chichanovskaya
and the entire staff of the University

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Every year on May 24, the Day of Slavic Writing and Culture is celebrated - the only church and state holiday in Russia, which is a reminder to all of us about the origins of our spirituality, that Russian culture inherits the ancient and great traditions of Slavic culture, about the role of writing in its formation and development. Currently, scientific forums are dedicated to this holiday, festivals, exhibitions, book fairs, poetry readings, amateur art shows, concerts and other various cultural events are held.

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Each culture is unique and original and reflects the diversity of our civilization. This is the value of different cultures, but at the same time they form a unity. In order to strengthen international dialogue, which is the basis for the prosperous development of society, the World Day of Cultural Diversity, established by the United Nations, is held annually on May 21, with the aim of deeply understanding the value of cultures of different peoples and developing cooperation between them.

Tver State Medical University, where students from different countries study, supports the ideas of multiculturalism and international cooperation. We love and appreciate our native culture, introduce students from different parts of the world to it, but also strive to learn more about the culture of other nations whose representatives study in Tver. As part of the work of the International Friendship Club with the support of the Center for International Education of TvSMU, on May 23, 2022, the Kaleidoscope of Cultures festival was held, organized by the Department of Russian language, during which foreign students represented the culture of their countries. The participants and spectators of the festival were lucky enough to make a kind of "journey" to different parts of the world, get acquainted with various traditions and customs, plunge into a new world for them.

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On May 18, 2022, as part of the social and cultural adaptation of the Preparatory Department students, the Department of Russian Language, with the support of the Center for International Education, organized an excursion to the Museum of Tver Everyday Life. This event coincided with the annual All-Russian action "Night of Museums" in the Tver region. Thanks to this action, the students of the Preparatory Department from Egypt, Israel, India, Yemen, Lebanon, Mauritania, Morocco, Nigeria, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Ecuador had the opportunity to get acquainted with almost all the expositions displayed here.

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