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Recently, Roman Nikolaevich Chirkov, Vice-Rector for International Affairs, Associate Professor Head of the Department of Oncology, Surgery and Palliative Medicine of Tver State Medical University, will answer the most frequently asked questions that interest not only students, but also applicants, as well as their parents.

– Roman Nikolaevich, please tell us, how one would define the situation in Tver generally and at Tver State Medical University precisely, due to the current world events.

– First off, I would caution foreign applicants who are considering our University for admission to stay calm and not to believe everything they hear in the various worldwide media. Not all of them are accurate. Once you are here, you can see for yourself that Tver is very calm city where it is safe to live and study.

– How are things going with studying in English at your university?

– We are proud to report that today our university successfully provides students from the 1st to the 6th year with high-quality education in English. This fact is confirmed by the recognition in the system of medical councils of different countries, such as Sri Lanka and India. However, we do not stop there, we constantly improve the quality of teaching, strive to get international recognition scales and have high ratings in the system of international medical education.

– You mentioned the constant desire to improve the quality of education, in this regard, what can be said about modern technologies at your university?

– Our Medical University provides a high level of education in both Russian and English, using the latest technologies for this, confidently improving the quality of teaching every year.

– You have a large number of foreign students studying here, how well are they provided with places to stay?

– You are right, we have many foreign students, and this year an unprecedented high competition is expected for admission. But there is enough space for everyone in our comfortable and equipped dormitories. Recently, a high-quality renovation was done there, the rooms are being actively prepared for the arrival and settlement of new students.

– We are talking about English-speaking students, but are there any foreigners who study in Russian?

– Yes, I would like to note that this year was extremely successful in terms of recruiting students from countries of former USSR. About 200 people enrolled in specialty, residency and postgraduate programs. I also repeat that an unprecedented high competition is expected among foreigners from far abroad who will study in English.

– You have students from different countries, how do students get along with each other outside study time? Does your university have extracurricular classes for students?

– Of course, there are many different directions for extracurricular activities at our university. Students will have intense life. Everyone can find an interesting and useful activity for themselves. We have Club of International Friendship, in which students organize and conduct various cultural events, participate in concerts, visit interesting places with excursions, and learn a lot about the culture and customs of different peoples. There are also scientific communities, volunteer movements, and sports sections. It is very pleasant to see how our students from different countries act as a single well-coordinated team. We are all one friendly international family here, where a peaceful and friendly atmosphere reigns. You are always welcomed to our Tver State Medical University.

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The International Friendship Club of Tver State Medical University continues to acquaint students with the history and sights of the city of Tver. On September 26, 2022, teachers of the Department of Russian Language organized and conducted an excursion for first–year foreign students to the Tver Regional Universal Scientific Library named after A.M. Gorky - the oldest library in our city.

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International Friendship Club of Tver State Medical University and teachers of the Department of Russian language organized and conducted a bus tour to the ancient Russian city of Staritsa and the City of Military Glory of Rzhev for foreign students of our university on September 21, 2022.

During the tour, the children got acquainted with significant corners of the Tver land, learned many interesting and important facts related to the history and culture of our region.

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On September 19, 2022, foreign students of the 1st year of TvSMU took part in a bus tour of the city of Tver.

During this excursion, students got acquainted with the basic information about the city in which they will live and study, learned interesting facts about the history of the Tver land, about its outstanding personalities. An experienced guide told medical students about the architectural features of our city that have developed as a result of historical development. The students visited the most beautiful and significant corners of Tver, such as Travel Palace, walked along the embankment, heard the story of the Tver merchant and traveler Afanasy Nikitin. The students were most interested in a visit to the oldest Tver temple, the White Trinity, and the guide's story about the specifics of Orthodox culture.

We hope that this excursion will be a good contribution to expanding the knowledge of foreign students about Tver, and this city will stay their favorite second home for a long time!

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Within the framework of the International Friendship Club (abbreviation sounds in Russian as KID) first-year students of the Faculty of Dentistry of TvSMU from Iraq, Iran, the Syrian Arab Republic, Sudan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine visited the photo exhibition of the charity project "I am here!", which was deployed on the central alley of the Tver City Garden. The students were greatly interested in the works of Tver photo artists depicting children and teenagers suffering from mental disorders. Foreign students appreciated the artistic merits of the photographs, but the main thing is that they were able to touch the special world in which children with special needs live.

The teachers of Department of Russian Language of TvSMU (responsible. – Associate Professor E.D. Aksenova) organized the excursion to the photo exhibition. Therefore, before visiting the photo exhibition, students performed lexical and grammatical tasks, worked with texts about the attitude to disabled people in modern society, about the role of volunteers in their lives. Visiting the photo exhibition was a good opportunity for foreign students to immerse themselves in the language environment, which helped to overcome language difficulties in communication and social and cultural adaptation of future doctors.

I'm here at the photo exhibition!.jpgPhoto exhibition of the charity project I'm here!.jpg

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Обучающиеся стоматологического факультета у памятника Михаилу Тверскому.jpg

This is the name of the cultural event, that was attended by first-year students of the Faculties of Medicine and Dentistry from Iraq, Iran, the Syrian Arab Republic, Sudan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine. The linguistic and cultural lesson-excursion "Tver is the city where I study", developed by the teachers of the Department of Russian Language of TvSMU (Associate Professor E.D. Aksenova, Associate Professor N.A. Budanova, senior lecturer L.G. Vitlinskaya, assistant A.V. Nekrasova), according to the work plan for curators, traditionally takes place at the beginning of the academic year. So, this time, acquaintance with the historical and cultural heritage of our ancient city began with preliminary language work in the classroom, and then foreign students went on a walking educational and thematic tour to the historical center of Tver. The first-year students visited the square near the Travel Palace and the Transfiguration Cathedral, the monuments to Pushkin and Mikhail Tversky, on the embankment of the Volga River and in the City Garden, on the territory of which the Tver Kremlin, built in the XII century, was located. Foreign students got acquainted with the history of these interesting places.

The event helps to form general cultural competencies, social and cultural adaptation of foreign students. Immersion of foreign students in the language environment allows to overcome language difficulties in communication, the formation of interest and respect for the historical and cultural heritage of Russia, the development of intercultural communication.

Во время экскурсии. У памятника Пушкину.jpgНа экскурсии. Мосты через Волгу - украшение города.jpg

Первокурсники во время экскурсии по Твери.jpgПевокурсники изТаджикистана и Узбекистана у памятника Пушкину.jpg

Ассистент А.В. Некрасова со студентами на экускурсии.jpgНа экскурсии. У Старого Волжского моста.jpg

У входа в Путевой дворец.jpgУ памятника Афанасию Никитину.jpg

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On September 9, Tver State Medical University held the meeting of the university administration and delegation from the Republic of Sri Lanka consisting of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Professor Janitha Abeywickrema Liyanage, Rector and Professor of Sri Jayawardenepura University Sudantha Liyanage, teachers of Sri Jayawardenepura University Pasindu Liyanage and Naduni Ranasinghe.

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I sincerely congratulate you on a wonderful celebration - YOUTH DAY!

Youth is a wonderful and amazing time. The time of hopes for the future, the time of discoveries and bold dreams, when new knowledge and impressions, optimism and energy charge you with positive and allow you to enjoy life.

The student youth of the University are educated, talented, creative, purposeful, professionally oriented young people who are associated with hopes and prospects for the future of the University, city, region and country as a whole. You achieve high results in studies and research activities, sports and creativity, actively carry out all kinds of events, and are engaged in project and volunteer activities. The University, for its part, provides you with all the opportunities for self-realization.

I wish health to you and your loved ones, happiness and harmony to your family, faithful comrades on the path of life. Do not be afraid to dream and set yourself the most ambitious goals! And thank you for making our University even better, brighter, more interesting and successful every day.


 Rector of Tver State Medical University
PhD, Professor
Chichanovskaya L.V.

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The Department of International Students Affairs congratulates you on the end of the academic year! Since the summer holidays have begun, the International Friendship Club offers an interesting excursion to the city of Rzhev to the memorial to the Soviet soldier and to the ancient Russian city of Staritsa with a visit to the monastery of the XVI century. The tour will take place in mid-July (the exact date will be specified later). Everyone who wants to go can leave applications by e-mail until July 10. The price of the tour is 550 rubles.

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On June 30, Tver State Medical University held a solemn presentation of certificates of completion of training to students of the preparatory department for foreign citizens. This year, 25 students from Egypt, Israel, India, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, Mauritania, Morocco, Nigeria, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Syria, and Ecuador successfully graduated from the preparatory department.

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