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Winter in Russia is not only ice, cold wind, short days and long nights. Russian winter is a fun time of the year when you can play snowballs, build a snowman and, of course, go skiing or ice skating. This Sunday, February 12, the students of the preparatory department of the TSMU from Syria, Sudan, Ecuador and Iraq spent actively - at the sports ski base in Chupriyanovka, where they first skied, made an exciting journey through the fabulous winter forest, rode down the hill and made many beautiful photos. After that students warmed up with a cup of hot tea and shared their impressions of the event.

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The Tver Regional Universal Scientific Library named after A. M. Gorky opened its doors again for new readers at the beginning of 2023. They were foreign first-year students of the Tver State Medical University from India. The teachers of the Department of the Russian Language, with the support of the Center for International Education, organized for them an acquaintance with the main library of the Tver region.

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Dear Sri Lankan friends! Dear Sri Lankan students!

Let me sincerely congratulate you on the national holiday - Independence Day of Sri Lanka!

75 years ago, your country gained political independence from British rule and since then has been steadily and actively developing in the political, social, economic, and humanitarian spheres.

Over the past years, Russia and Sri Lanka have been linked by warm, friendly relations based on mutual respect and strong contacts in politics and the economy, science and culture, education and healthcare. The Tver State Medical University is directly related to this fruitful cooperation, since for many years it has been training qualified medical personnel for the healthcare of Sri Lanka.

May the people of friendly Sri Lanka live in peace and prosperity! I wish Sri Lankan students studying at the Tver State Medical University good health, excellent studies and great success in mastering the profession of a doctor! I am sure that time-tested relations between Russia and Sri Lanka have a great future! 

Rector of FSBEI HE "Tver State Medical University"
of the Ministry of Health of Russia, Professor

L.V. Chichanovskaya

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Dear Indian friends! Dear Indian students!

I heartily congratulate you on Republic Day - one of the most important national holidays of India! A wonderful country with an ancient history, carefully preserved traditions. India looks to the future with confidence, develops rapidly and introduces the most advanced technologies into its life.

The peoples of Russia and India are united by a long-standing friendship. Centuries-old cultural ties and mutually beneficial cooperation in many areas of activity - in politics, business, science, education and, of course, healthcare - make it even stronger.

I wish prosperity and well-being to the people of friendly India! And to the Indian students of the Tver State Medical University - great success in their studies, active participation in the life of our university and achievements in their future professional activities!

Rector of Tver State Medical University, prof.
L.V. Chichanovskaya

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On January 17, the InterClub of the Tver State Medical University hosted the third meeting of the Conversation Club on the topic "Doctor is my profession. Conversations about the medical specialty."

Students from Russia, Uzbekistan, India, Yemen, Syria talked with doctors, representatives of the Council of Veterans of Medical Workers in Tver, about choosing a medical specialty, about teachers - mentors, about the most difficult thing that experienced doctors had to face during their work.

Pediatrician Tatyana Yuryevna Moreva spoke about her professional path in medicine, choosing the specialty "pediatrician" and why pediatrics is a complex and very interesting profession. Tatyana Yurievna also shared the secrets of working with young patients and the principles of behavior with patients.

The professional career of an infectious disease specialist Olga Nikolaevna Marasanova is connected with the family dynasty of doctors: her grandfather, father, husband, and son all devoted their lives to medical practice. According to Olga Nikolaevna, the decisive factor for making the correct diagnosis and prescribing the correct treatment is a conversation with the patient and a thorough examination of the patient, a step-by-step collection of anamnesis.

Summarizing the above, both doctors drew the attention of the audience to the most important thing for the medical profession:

  • you need to learn everything from experienced doctors;

  • it is necessary to master medicine as an art, to constantly improve yourself;

  • a doctor is an artist, he must come out of any situation with honor;

  • it is important to treat the patient humanly, because "that doctor is bad, after whose visit the patient did not feel better";

  • the doctor should not be impatient, irritable: "medicine is first of all love for a human, otherwise it is worth nothing".

The formation of the patient's trust in the doctor and the presence of faith, where the example for the doctor should be the life and work of Saints Cosmas and Damian, the surgeon Luke of Crimea.

At the end of the meeting, the students asked the guests questions about how to deal with the fear that arises in a doctor; what is missing in modern medicine; what books and textbooks are worth reading.

 The next meeting of the Conversation Club will take place on March 21 at 16:00. Topic: "National hero - who is he? Conversations about the national character."

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On November 9, the first Conversation Club on the topic «My life is Medicine» took place in the Interclub of Tver State Medical University. The invited guest was the Vice-Rector for International Affairs, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Oncology, Surgery and Palliative Medicine Roman Nikolaevich Chirkov.

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At Tver State Medical University, the International Friendship Club hosted a celebration of Diwali, also known as the Fire Festival, the biggest Indian holiday, on October 26. Tver transformed into a little India for one evening, complete with vibrant colors and customs.

Lyudmila Georgievna Yuga, People's Artist of the Russian Federation, member of the Union of Artists of the Russian Federation, and honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts, opened the exhibition of plein-air works by Russian artists titled "India - Russia: through the eyes of love" in the assembly hall's foyer.

Professor Lesya Vasilyevna Chichanovskaya, rector of Tver State Medical University, gave the concert's opening address. She mentioned the university's long-standing, productive cooperation with India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal in the area of higher medical education, mentioning how entire dynasties of doctors who received their education in Tver had grown. Lesya Vasilyevna remarked that these connections are crucial to the institution and that welcoming new members into our large and hospitable international family is always rewarding.

The evening was concluded with a lively, engrossing, and energetic musical program, during which Indian students performed traditional songs and dances for the audience, national costumes were displayed in all their vibrant glory, and a yoga master class was held. In the interactive part of the show, a choreographed flash mob and a Sanskrit knowledge quiz were also held. The event provided a wealth of information on Indian culture and global Diwali celebration practices.

Everyone learned a lot of new things at the festival, and Indian students responded to every performance with a flurry of applause and emotions. This, of course, speaks not only about their homesickness but also about their gratitude to the university for the chance to spend one evening feeling at home.


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When a peaceful autumn arrives in our lovely, cozy city, Tver State Medical University has a busy time for the Admission Committee for foreign applicants. This is the time when young people from different countries are concentrating on taking entrance examinations and awaiting their results with bated breath.

No matter if you've had this desire since you were a little child or just recently made the decision, everyone who wishes to pursue this wonderful and always relevant career is welcome here. We take great pride in the fact that our university forms family dynasties of international doctors and that our graduates entrust us with important matters like their children's education.

We develop certified foreign specialists each year. Young first-year students who are just starting to achieve their ambition of becoming doctors take their place. They are eager to learn and are bursting with energy. Our Admission Committee starts its work every year with the goal of assisting foreign applicants to easily pass the admission tests and enroll in this medical university. There was no exception this year. Foreign citizen admission has traditionally gathered steam and is striving to complete.

Dear candidates and already enrolled students, we are looking forward to seeing you at our university!

Rector of Tver State Medical University, prof.
L.V. Chichanovskaya

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Dear friends!

We invite you to the national evening «Diwali – Festival of Lights»!

Diwali is one of the most joyful and colorful Indian holidays, symbolizing the path from ignorance to knowledge, the victory of truth over falsehood, the victory of good over evil, as a sign of which candles and lanterns are lit everywhere. This is a wonderful time to purify your soul with a life-giving fire, time to illuminate all your talents. Having received spiritual strength, we leave everything obsolete and negative in the past and enter a new life as an enlightened ones.

The national evening «Diwali – Festival of Lights» will take place 26. 10. 2022 at 17.00 in the assembly hall of the Tver State Medical University.


Center of International Education
International Friendship Club
Center of Creative Development and Student Initiatives

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Dear friends!

Golden autumn is a special time. It pleases us with bright colors, mysteriously rustling foliage under our feet, affectionately embracing warm rays of the sun, breaking through fluffy clouds and harsh clouds. Golden autumn is a mood. It awakens talent, inspiring us to write poems, paintings, compose music and, of course, take wonderful photos. 

And how do you see the golden autumn in our city? What is your favorite place for autumn walks and meetings with friends? We are sure that you already have photos that convey your emotions and the enchanting beauty of golden autumn in Tver! The International Friendship Club of Tver State Medical University invites you to take part in the photo contest "Golden Autumn in Tver".

Terms of participation:

The competition is held from 07.10. 2022 to 25.10. 2022.

The winners will be awarded with diplomas.

Your photo works should reveal the theme of "Golden Autumn in Tver" and can be presented in any genre.

It is allowed to participate in the competition of groups of authors.

Send photos by e-mail: kid@tvgm

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