20.02.2009 г.    News&EventsNews&Events

In the context of cooperation agreement between Tver State Medical Academy and University of Saarland (Germany) delegation of German colleagues headed by Dean Prof. Michael Menger has arrived to Tver on Wednesday, February 18.

The 4 days agenda includes visits to the Academy's medical center, Regional Hospital, consultancy to department and chair of pediatrics, participation in TverSMA scientific society of ophthalmology, meetings with staff and students of TverSMA.


  • morning briefing with the Rector of TverSMA
  • Dr. Zavarine, Prof. Specht, Prof. Hermann, Prof. Menger, Prof. Zaits and Dr. Toropigin at the department of pharmaceutics




25.01.2009 г.    ResearchGeneral Information

Scientific research at the Academy’s departments and units is carried out in many diverse areas of medical sciences.

Our principal breakthrough directions of work are in the fields of biology, chemistry, physiology, general pathology, microbiology, genetics, public health, ophthalmology, abdominal surgery, dental surgery and orthodontics.

Monographs, reference books, textbooks, training aids and collections of scientific theses that reflect all main aspects of scientific work are published by the TSMA and kept in the Academy’s library.

The Academy takes an active part in development and implementation of international, federal and regional scientific projects. The TSMA frequently hosts national and international scientific conferences.

The TSMA staff includes more than 520 professional research workers and tutors, among them - 320 PhDs with completed doctoral research and 80 PhDs with completed postdoctoral research.

The specialized Scientific Board for doctoral and роstdoctoral research reviews and awards degrees in 3 specialties: cardiology, dentistry and surgery. Annually more than 40 doctoral and роstdoctoral theses are defended in the premises o the Academy.

The Students Scientific and Research Association is an important and active unit in the Academy’s research structure. The most distinguished students who demonstrate strong and effective research potential are annually awarded with national and regional scholarships.

31.12.2008 г.    News&EventsNews&Events

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



With Compliments

Sri Lankan Students Association

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27.11.2008 г.    UniversityInternational Cooperation

Collaboration with overseas educational, medical and scientific institutions, international, national, non-governmental and intergovernmental organizations is considered to be the most principal direction of the TSMA activity. The Tver State Medical Academy is always open for international partnership, scientific, educational and practical cooperation and exchange.

We are happy and proud to present our partners and friends with whom we have managed to achieve significant success in various aspects of work and are expecting to have more in future:

Saarland University (Germany)

  • foundation of Russian-German research-practical-training centre of endoscopic surgery
  • foundation of Russian-German research-practical-training centre of innovative technologies in ophthalmology
  • foundation of joint laboratory of molecular genetics
  • development and implementation of Russian-German program in pediatric cardiology
  • opening of the TSMA representative office at the Saarland University


The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and MASHAV (Israel)

  • development of public health practice and education in Tver and the Oblast


Bicon Medical Centre (USA)

  • foundation of teaching and clinical centre of dental implantology


  • students exchange program at the faculties of general medicine and dental medicine


The Faculty of Postgraduate Studies was opened in 1989.

Nowadays at the faculty doctors can receive training in various medical specialties, such as obstetrics and gynecology, anesthesiology and reanimatology, ENT, ophthalmology, infections and tropical diseases, cardiology, gastroenterology, immunology and allergology, radiology, physiotheraphy, general surgery, cardiovascular surgery, oncology, psychiatry, trauma and orthopedics, urology, pulmonology, dermatology and STDs, neurology and neurosurgery, endocrinology, public health, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, pedodontics, periodontics, inplantantoology, general dental surgery.

Duration of courses is from 2 to 3 years and can be individually scheduled.

In addition departments of the Academy provide annual vocational training for medical professionals from Tver and the Oblast.

More than 15000 doctors from Russia and abroad have completed courses at the faculty and successfully work all other the world.

The Faculty of Advanced Nursing Education was founded on 2003. Its main goal is to fill the urgent and constant demand from nursing service supervisors for highly qualified middle-grade medical workers.

Degree of a nurse is the main entrance requirement for the faculty. The duration of the full-time course is 4 years, part-time — 5 years. Students who complete the course and successfully pass all exams receive the degree of "Manager".

The Faculty provides its students with modern knowledge in the following areas:

  • general organization of nursing service;
  • effective management of human, financial, technological and scientific resources;
  • monitoring and evaluation in nursing;
  • scientific research and nursing;
  • modern aspects and principles of nurses training.

Although the faculty is relatively young, it has already proved its effectiveness and high competitiveness.

15.10.2008 г.    Faculties/ProgramsPharmaceutical Faculty

The Pharmaceutical Faculty of the Tver State Medical Acadmey was founded in 2001. The main task of the Faculty is the basic training of specialists in pharmacy for institutions of pharmaceutical industry and educational establishments.

The faculty has two forms of training: full-time (5 years) and part-time (5,5 years).

At the classes tutors use various educational methods such as lectures, discussions, case-studies, simulation of clinical situations, preparation of drafts of research proposals, different means of multi-media and web-based technologies. Students receive knowledge not only in medical subjects but also in marketing, management and commodity research. To enlarge and deepen the knowledge obtained in classrooms all the faculty students should undergo 4 mandatory internships at pharmaceutical institutions of Tver and the neighboring regions.

Graduates of the faculty are employed in state and private pharmacies, pharmaceutical factories and companies, public health bodies, educational institutions, bureaus of forensic medicine and law enforcement agencies.

The Dental Faculty of the TSMA is the oldest dental faculty in Russia. It is the successor of I.A. Pashutin`s Dental School founded in 1902 in St. Petersburg. Nowadays the Tver State Medical Academy is one of the leading and most prestigious places for dental education in Russia and Eastern Europe.

The Faculty of Dental Medicine of the Tver State Medical Academy is:

  • more than 800 students;
  • 363 tutors;
  • 40 departments.

The academic staff of the Faculty includes 9 PhD holders with completed postdoctoral research and 45 PhD holders with completed doctoral research.

Much attention at the Faculty is paid to practical training and sharpening of necessary manual skills. For this purpose the Academy owns the dental clinic where students of the Faculty have full approach to patients under supervision of their teachers.

The duration of professional studies at the Faculty of Dental Medicine is 5 years. Graduates of the Faculty become skilful in modern methods of prevention, diagnostics and treatment of oral cavity diseases in children and adults. They are always in demand in dental clinics of Russia and abroad.

15.10.2008 г.    Faculties/ProgramsFaculty of Pediatrics

The Faculty of Pediatrics was founded in 1990. More than 300 tutors of 45 departments provide training for 600 students at the Faculty.

The teaching hospital departments of the Faculty are located in the regional hospital, 4 municipal hospitals and 2 municipal polyclinics in Tver. Maternity centers, health centers for children and infectious diseases departments of general hospitals are also used.

Training in 9 clinical subjects (hospital therapy, hospital surgery, trauma and orthopedics, endocrinology, children’s dentistry, radiology, preventive medicine, clinical biochemistry, dermatology and STDs) is provided at the Academy’s own newly constructed clinic.

The TSMA staff members work in cooperation with the regional medical centre for adolescents, regional service of medical genetics and the regional neonatal centre.

Degree of pediatrician enables the faculty graduates to work as a general pediatrician, neonatologist or children’s surgeon. The degree also provides access for a broad variety of postgraduate training courses.

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