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In April 2021, the Tver State Medical University and the Samarkand State Medical Institute (Samarkand, Uzbekistan) concluded a cooperation agreement. The subject of the agreement is mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of education and research.

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Main building of Samarkand State Medical Institute


27.03.2021 г.    Announcements

Dear Foreign Students of

Tver State Medical University!

By order of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 16.03.2021 No. 639-r foreign students from countries with a prosperous epidemiological situation are allowed to enter the territory of the Russian Federation to continue their studies in an in-person classroom format.

Before arriving to Russia foreign students must notify the university about the date of entry at least 10 days before arrival by e-mail or by messengers, while informing the full name, group number and address of residence in Tver before leaving for their homeland. A quarantine address (isolation) will be provided in the reply letter or message to you.

Not earlier than 3 calendar days before arriving to Russia, the student must make a COVID-19 PCR-test and, if the result is negative, receive a corresponding document in their country in Russian or in English.

29.01.2021 г.    Announcements

Due to the Order №136-p of Government of the Russian Federation the air travel between Russia and India has been restarted. Therefore, the students with valid visas can return to Russia and continue their full-time studies at the university. The Migration Department of the Tver Region has begun issuing invitations for the students with expired visas.

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Dear colleagues, students, dear friends!

We sincerely congratulate the teachers, students and graduates of the Tver State Medical University on the coming New Year 2021!

The past 2020 year was quite difficult and rich in events. Fortunately, the university continues to work, the educational process and preparations for the winter examination session are going on, scientific and methodological activities develop. This is possible thanks to the wonderful and highly professional staff of the university, which is honest about its work, showing creativity in solving emerging problems. We are convinced that such work will be successfully continued in 2021!

We wish you creative strength in the New Year, achievement of any aims and professional heights, energy and optimism, good health, mental warmth and harmony in your families!

Congratulations to our students, who with their desire for study, scientific and creative successes increase the glory of the university! We wish you good luck in your studies and in all upcoming achievements!

Let the New Year 2021 be better than previous one and live up to all hopes!



02.12.2020 г.    Announcements

PREVENTION of COVID-19_page-0001.jpg

1. Cover your mouth and nose when sneezing and coughing

2. Treat your hands and surfaces with antiseptics and soap with water

3. Cover your cheeks, mouth and nose with a medical mask

4. Avoid crowded places and contact with sick people

5. Only a doctor can make a diagnosis - call a doctor if get ill

6. Use personal care products

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On November 14, 2020, foreign students of the Tver State Medical University from Southeast Asia celebrate Diwali, the main Indian holiday. It is celebrated as the "Festival of Lights" and symbolizes the victory of good over evil. As a sign of this victory, candles and flashlights are everywhere lit. The lights of the festival are designed to illuminate human hearts with good. On this holiday, it is customary to pay attention to everyone, give gifts, help those in need, show love and respect for people.

Congratulations to our students from India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh on the holiday! We wish you success in your studies and happiness! Health and well-being of your family and friends!

Administration of the University


Specialty Code

Name of Training Program

Duration of Educational Course, years

Cost of 1st Educational Course, in rubles

Full Cost of Educational Service, in rubles *


General Medicine


157 550

945 300




157 550

945 300




188 690

943 450




137 260

686 300


General Medicine for Foreign Students with English medium of education


210 960

1 265 760


* - the cost is specified excluding annual inflation


10.11.2020 г.    AdmissionsInstructions for applicants

This is an instruction for applicants which must be followed in Russian web-site of the university

Content » Education » To applicants » Admission Board » Foreign citizens and persons without citizenship » Home page»





At the beginning

Foreign citizens and persons without citizenship

2020 г.

Address: 170100, city of Tver, Sovietskaya str., 4


+7 (4822) 57-22-00 (multichannel)

+7 (4822) 57-12-20 (post-graduate education)


Working time of Admission Board:
Monday - Friday: since 10 a.m. till 4 p.m.
Saturday, Sunday – day off

All documents should be handed over ONLY



is performed in WORKING TIME!

Contacts with the applicants are carried out by e-mail.

Please, specify the current (valid) e-mail,

which is to be checked by you EVERY DAY!!!


10.11.2020 г.    Hostel accomodationHostel information

The university has 4 hostels (dormitories) with 1,544 seats.

As a matter of priority, the University provides residential accommodation in hostels to foreign students who enter the territory of the Russian Federation from countries with a visa regime and due to invitation of the University.

When settling, a contract of renting accommodation for the whole period of study is executed.

The University has 2 hostels of residential type. There are one-room apartments for 3 students and two-room apartments for 5 students. The apartments are equipped with a sanitary unit, a bathroom and a kitchen. The hostels have elevators and wireless internet. The entrance to the hostel is guarded. There is a pass system. There are video cameras at the entrance and in the corridors.

There are stores and public transport within walking distance of the hostels.

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